Asked Questions

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This should help clear up any last niggling questions. If not please get in touch:

Is there free WiFi?

Do I need liability insurance if I host an event?

Do you have different rates for charities?

Do you offer hot-desking for individuals?

Is there car parking or room for bikes?

Can I bring my dog?

Is there wheelchair access?

Is there a phone line?

Do you offer catering?

Can we have live music?

Can we bring our own food?

Where can guests smoke?

How many people can your space host?

What is your cancellation policy?

Do you offer on-site support?

How large is your space?

Can you hold a date for me?

Do you only do workshops?

We need a facilitator, can you recommend one?

Do we have to clean the space before we leave?

What’s the story behind the name?

What’s included in my booking?

Can we serve alcohol?

Can I book the space for several weeks?

What gear do you have?

Can I make an appointment to view the space?